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5 Key Elements of Interior Design

Interior Design Katy

Interior Design Katy

Whether you are designing a single room or your entire home from scratch or simply revamping what’s already there, you should always pay due attention to what might be called the basic principles of design when drawing up your plans.

In this article, I’ll explain 5 key elements of interior design and how an understanding of them should help you in your design endeavors.

1) Space: In every building old or new, the walls define the limits of the space that you have available to work with. Thus, space is not an infinite commodity whenever anyone is designing or redesigning their interior, and it’s important to know what the limits are before you start.

2) Line: Most obviously, the walls of the space within which you are working represent the external ‘lines’ inside of which every element of that space is ultimately enclosed.

However, lines in the context of interior design means so much more than boundaries, arguably being second only to color in respect of the overall ‘feel’ of the room.

For instance, the lines of the windows in the room play a significant role in dictating the kind of atmosphere it has. Most windows follow straight lines (as opposed to curves) but it is how you decorate to emphasize those lines that exerts the most influence on the feel of the room.

To begin with, vertical lines add dignity and obviously height to the room, contrasting well with the horizontal lines commonly followed by the furniture.

On the other hand, these horizontal lines tend to generate a more relaxed and ‘spacey’ but less formal atmosphere than the vertical variety.

Diagonal lines attract the attention, mainly because they don’t follow the ‘norm’ of being horizontal or vertical, and they draw your eyes in a certain direction.

This can be unsettling unless there are diagonals in the opposite direction or curved lines to offset the effect. Finally, curved lines are softer and gentler, preventing the room becoming too regimented and stiff.

3) Form: When the lines in a space come together, they create the shape or form of that space. Think about how two walls meet to create a corner or how the corner of a window frame is formed where the horizontal and vertical lines come together and you’ll have the idea.

4) Texture: The texture of the materials you use to decorate the room is very important too. To create a casual, relaxed atmosphere, focus on using textured, rough materials whereas the use of shinier materials like silk and satin makes for more formal surroundings. Include several layers of contrasting textures to add variety and interest to the space in which you’re working.

5) Color: Color is the one element above all others that makes or breaks a decorated space. Color sets the mood and is primarily responsible for making the room appear cooler or warmer, larger or smaller, ‘friendlier’ or more austere and so on.

Color can also be used to draw attention to the main features of the room or to hide those that are less attractive. You can have the plainest furniture and decorations imaginable in any room and color still has the ability to turn the space into a ‘super room’.

Understanding how these 5 key elements of interior design impact on your plans is critically important. To make sure you do, take advantage of our experience and expertise by arranging you Free Consultation with Curtain Call Interiors today.

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