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Electric Trends in Interior Design

Electric Trends in Interior Design

Hide Your Cords

While interior designers are often hired to make a home look good, it is equally important for a home to be electrically functional. Ultimately, when a person is at home they should feel comfortable in their surroundings. First of all this means having the power they need, where they need it. It also means having electrical sources looking as attractive as possible. And for some it means using automated sensors in faucets and fixtures for enhanced comfort, and healthy living. Maximizing energy efficiency is also important.

Getting Enough Power

If you are building or remodeling the electricity within a home and working with an electrician, there is much you can do to customize where you need power, and how much power you need. If you need too much power in an area that is not prepared for it, the result will be a shorted circuit or burned fuse. Larger power clusters near entertainment systems or major appliances can help assure that homeowners have the power they need.

Camoflauging Power

But once there is enough power, it is important that messy cords and wires aren’t sticking out, both because of the safety hazard, and just because they look horrible. While these can be placed behind furniture much of the time, there are times when power sources need to be both hidden and accessible. Extension cords that roll inside a wall when not in use, or designing a wall full of power sockets are both ways to prevent cords from sticking out. Cord encasings can be used and maneuvered and decorated to look like vines, or painted to match the walls.

Traditional Warmth, With or Without Heat

One piece of electronic decor that has become very popular is the electronic fireplace. For centuries, fireplaces have been a focal point in many homes and a place for gathering. It used to be that enjoying an evening by the fire meant finding a house that had a fireplace. But there are times when you want the soft light of the fire, but not necessarily the heat. Electronic fireplaces can accommodate this. They can also be automated to turn off, so if the heating element is used, there isn’t a fire hazard.

Automating Your Life

For some, including automated sensors in faucets and light switches may seem very “George Jetson” but in addition to making life a little easier and luxurious, the sensors can also help prevent the spread of viruses, such as colds and flus because there is one less thing that everyone is touching.

Energy Efficiency

In order to save money, and the planet, people are looking for ways to be more energy efficient in their homes. Using solar panels, LED lights, can all lend a modern look to a home while reducing energy bills. Solar panels can be worked into skylights to allow for more natural energy.

Of course, not everyone will be able to incorporate all these methods into their design plans, but since electricity is here to stay, you might as well let it help you feel at home.

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Katy Interior Design Tips – 5 Killer Creative Interior Design Ideas…

As one of the longest established interior designers in Katy, we’ve dealt with a huge number of different home owners and interior design projects over the years.  Clients come in all shapes and sizes, with widely diversified tastes and ideas, and yet every single interior design client has one feature in common.

They all want to turn their home into a stylish safe-haven; their happy place.
Of course, every interior design client expects to feel relaxed, comfortable and delighted in the homes that we design for them. It’s our job to make 100% certain that it happens every single time!

If you’re not happy with your home, it follows that something needs to be done, that some changes need to be made. This does not however mean that your home needs a complete, top-to-bottom revamp or overhaul.

Instead, here are five simple interior design tips with which any house proud Katy homeowner can use to spruce up their surroundings right now, at little cost:

Be artful: Decorate the walls with artworks to add a splash of color and interest. These do not need to be expensive and if you have young children in the family, you could even ask them to help you with this. Kids love to paint, they’d be delighted to be able to help you and – who knows – you may have a budding Picasso in your midst!

Use lighting to accentuate features: If you put paintings on the walls or have recessed alcoves in which you have plants or other similar focal point features, accentuate them with down lights or spotlights.

Decorative curtains: If your room features plain curtains or blinds, how about replacing them with more creative alternatives? If your windows are dull and boring, use high-quality fabrics with linings and prints or decorative blinds to add more zest to the character of the room.

Carpets, rugs and flooring: Changing the style or pattern of your floor covering is another quick, easy and relatively inexpensive way of upgrading your living space. A contrasting rug thrown on top of a carpet adds – well, contrast – whereas adding a broad neutral colored rug to a bare wooden floor gives the room a certain bohemian and rustic quality.

Accents: Introducing freestanding highlights such as candle stands, flower vases and/or plants will often change the character of a room completely. These act as an additional point of interest to which your eyes are inexorably drawn, pulling your attention away from other elements of the room with which you may be less happy.

Of course, there are many additional ways of sprucing up your home, but applying just some of these ideas can change the character of a room completely. And of course, as we’ve been in the Katy interior design business so long, we can help you with a free in-home interior design consultation. Give us a call or fill out the form on the side of our website today!

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Katy Interior Design – Understanding How Colors Work

No matter how big or small your home is, there are essentially just three elements of interior design in Katy that we – or any other interior designer – can influence or work with.

Number one, you have the ‘shell’ or framework of your home itself – the walls, ceilings and floors. Second, there are the “fixtures and fittings’’ the bits that you add to the framework to make it yours such as light fittings, doors, semi-permanent built-in furniture and so on.

Finally, there is the furniture, the carpets, curtains and the like, those elements of your home that be changed pretty much anytime you like.

Now, it should be obvious that if your interior design plan is to work as well as it should, all three elements must be in harmony.

Even so, the three elements are listed in this order for a reason.

Here’s why.

The first thing that we do with any Katy interior design job is identify what overall effect our clients want to achieve.

Based on this, the next step is to decide what colors best match these objectives, and in this, the wall colors that are selected are probably the single most important element.

After all, your walls form the single largest element of your design, so getting the color scheme right is fundamental.

Many underestimate the importance of colors in the overall order of things. Given however that color genuinely sets the tone, you cannot afford to do so.

Light colors – say white, off-white or pale, subtle shades of stronger colors – are usually best for making a space look bigger or for adding brightness to a room.

However, a completely white or off-white room would be too stark for most of our Katy interior design clients, hence we might use splashes of lighter colors to draw attention to or highlight certain areas or features, particularly in small rooms that may not ‘handle’ darker colors so well.

Darker shades can nevertheless be an extremely effective element of some of the Katy interior design projects we work on when used in the right circumstances.

As a case in point, we might use dark color to emphasize or draw attention to a particular aspect of a larger, well lit room or to add warmth to an area of that room.

One great example of using darker shades for emphasis and to break up the overall ‘oneness’ of a room is to paint alcoves and other recessed spaces in a warmer, richer hue. This adds depth and variety to the overall living area and is a great way of highlighting a specific feature in that area, for example, a painting or other wall decoration.

Of course, you would not use exactly the same colors in every room in house. Most of our Katy interior design clients would not for example use exactly the same colors in the kitchen and the bathroom.

Even so, every room is an important element of the overall effect that your home achieves, and the color is a key aspect of the part it plays.

From experience, we know that visualizing the overall effect is not easy for many of our clients. If you’re looking for help with this or have any queries about interior design in Katy, why not take advantage of our free in-home interior design consultation offer right now?  Just give us a call our fill out the form to the right of our website today!


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Katy Design Tips – Chandeliers for that Timeless Finishing Touch

One of the things that interior designers learn over the years is that bringing together a successful interior design plan is a lot like assembling a jigsaw puzzle. Just like a jigsaw, one missing piece can ruin an interior design project, rendering the ‘finished’ article fundamentally flawed and incomplete.

As interior designers with a wealth of experience with similar design projects in Katy, we’ve sometimes been called in to ‘rescue’ situations like this, a scenario where a great design idea simple refused to come together for one reason or another.

Many times, we’ve been able to solve the problem by introducing a household adornment that seems to be making a comeback with the Katy populace.

I am of course referring to chandeliers because a well-chosen chandelier often works superbly well as the perfect ‘finishing touch’ that instantly becomes the final piece of your interior design jigsaw.

Chandeliers are nothing new in this part of Texas of course but the fact that they tended to feature in more traditional homes has not always helped their popularity. For some, it’s like they have no place in a modern Katy home because of these traditional connotations.

Nothing could be further from the truth however. Chandeliers can be as traditional or as contemporary as the circumstances dictate and a triumph in both situations as long as the chandelier is chosen carefully.

The single most important consideration is that traditional or contemporary, you get what you pay for with chandeliers.

Low quality glass chandeliers might be ‘affordable’ but you’ll enjoy nothing like the sparkle and light that you’d get with a decent lead crystal chandelier.

By this I’m talking about a chandelier that contains around 20-30% lead oxide (Pbo).

To explain, crystal is a form of glass wherein the calcium content of ordinary potash glass is replaced with lead oxide. Traditionally-made crystal contains between 18% and 40% lead by weight, whereas modern ‘flint glass’ crystal contains around 24% Pbo.

Sadly, cheap chandeliers look exactly that – cheap – and they are more likely to detract from the overall effect of the room than add to it.

One of the beauties of chandeliers is that they form a stunning center point to any room and because by definition they hang from the ceiling, they are usually roughly parallel with your eye line.

Thus, a chandelier draws your attention, drawing you away from other elements of the room that you may be less keen to look at!

If possible, it’s important to see any chandelier that you are thinking of installing hanging from the ceiling as opposed to sitting in a box in the showroom.

Of course, it would be even better to see it at home but as this is impractical, seeing it in the showroom is better than nothing. Take time to inspect it from every angle to see how the light works too.

At Curtain Call Interiors we are committed to making your home as stylish as it can be.  Whether you need help choosing your next a chandelier for your home or with any other interior design challenge, we are here to help.  Give us a call today or fill out the form to the right of our website for a free in-home design consultation.

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Katy Interior Design Ideas For Small Spaces

Interior Designer Katy TX | Interior Decorator Katy TXOne of the biggest challenges that an interior designer faces is posed by the fact that there are ‘spaces’ of all shapes and sizes to be designed for. All Katy interior designers are required to design for every type of home from large houses down to small apartments and condos, and everything in between.

Each comes with its own difficulties and challenges. In this article, I’d like to draw on my Katy interior design experience to give you some of my own ‘tried-and-tested’ design ideas for a smaller space.

A large element of designing for smaller spaces focuses on making small seem bigger because it doesn’t matter who you are, most of us like to occupy a space that feels light and airy.

One simple way of doing this is to use armless furniture. Arms on chairs can contribute to a cluttered, ‘fussy’ look whereas the opposite is true of armless chairs.

If possible, occupy the room with lightweight furniture instead of heavy cumbersome pieces. The latter take up far more space than they really need to which again adds to the sense of clutter and a lack of space.

If having some heavier furniture in the room is necessary, place these heavy pieces flush against one another (think the back of the sofa against the edge of the table) to create a ‘passageway’ all around. This minimizes the obstructions that make the room feel small.

So, with the available space optimized, the next job is to get organized to maximize the usable functionality of the space. This almost always means putting everything that is not immediately needed ‘away’, which often means creating a ‘somewhere’ to put things.

If you don’t already have them, think about putting up shelves where you can store some of the ‘stuff’ that is currently ‘homeless’.

Use every awkwardly shaped nook and cranny that is essentially useless for anything else as a storage space. Hang all the pots and pans on the walls in the kitchen and mount shelves or cabinets on the wall in the bathroom for storage too.

Finally, what about a scenario where the ‘small space’ that you’re trying to use is not the whole house or apartment, but just a small area of it? For example, there may be a small alcove that you’ve never really managed to find a use for yet or it could even be the top of the stairs!

The trick here is, turn it into ‘your space’, a place where you can do something that is relaxing and pleasurable.

For example, if you can fit a small reading table in the alcove and a lamp, make it your own designated reading ‘retreat’, the place to which you can retire with your thoughts and a book for hours on end.

In this way, the previously unused and unattractive ‘small space’ becomes a treasured and protected area of your home instead of one that serves no purpose at all.

The fact is, there is no such thing as ‘useless’ or ‘unusable’ space in any property, and we’ve come up with design ideas that prove this time and time again. If you’d like to take advantage of our free in-home interior design consultation to allow us to prove it to you, just use the form on our website!


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Home Office Design Ideas for Efficiency and Effectiveness

I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about this but if the average working day is 8 hours and you worked seven days a week (which I grant you, very few do), then you’d spend exactly 33.33% of your life in your working environment.

Of course, most of us don’t do this. Even so, there are many countries where employees are legally allowed to labor for up to 48 hours a week, which represents just short of 30% of their lives!

In short, we all spend a significant chunk of our ‘three score years and ten’, working. Common sense therefore dictates that in order to get as much done as possible, your working environment should be as conducive to efficiency and effectiveness as it can be.

In this article, I’m going to suggest some ideas about creating an office environment designed for maximum productivity.

These design ideas are relevant to both your home office and to any external office that you commute to every day. Given however that you are likely to have more control over your home office design and the way you use it, I’ve ‘slanted’ these ideas towards this home office environment.

The first thing to say about any office you maintain in your home is that it needs to be optimized for functionality. As an example, everything you need to use on a regular basis should be as near to hand as possible.

However, functionality is not the only consideration.

Indeed, if you focus on functionality to the exclusion of other design considerations, you’ll be making a grave mistake.

At least part of the problem stems from the fact that your home office is by definition super-convenient, being just a few feet away. As a consequence, the role that your workspace plays in your everyday life is very different to what it would be if you were commuting.

It is therefore essential to bear in mind the importance of balance, particularly in respect of the amount of time you spend working set against family time or external activities.

You must achieve and maintain a healthy mix of the two because slaving away for hour upon interminable hour is neither effective nor efficient.

Beyond this, think about functionality but also ergonomics and the equipment you need.

Think of your workflow as a process chain, a series of actions that (taken together) ultimately result in you achieving your goals as effectively as possible. Every element of your design should take this into account.

For instance, you can only work well if you are comfortable. Thus, a good chair and a work surface or desk at the right height is extremely important.

Similarly, if you work with computers, don’t position them so that you need to bend your neck or body in an unnatural way to view the monitor or hit the keys. Doing so will eventually cause discomfort or pain, neither of which helps achieve efficiency.

One thing that you don’t need in your office is a TV.

It’s hard enough avoiding online video entertainment nowadays without ratcheting the ‘risk’ factor up by several notches with a TV in the corner. For exactly the same reason, it’s not brilliant to have an alcoholic drinks cabinet or a beer cooler in your office either!

Creating an efficient home office is not desperately difficult as long as you follow the concept of work being a series of steps or processes.

If you make sure that everything you need is available and to hand in the most convenient position, you ensure that your home office is ideal. This makes it far more likely that it will be an efficient, effective work hub too!

One final tip? Avoid clutter because as I’ll highlight next time, clutter is an efficiency killer par excellence.

If you would like our expert interior designers to assist you in making your home office the best it can be, give us a call or schedule your free in-home design consultation by filling out the form to the right.

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Color me right!

Color Selections Katy, TXSurprising as some people might find it, there are colors beyond white and off-white that can work wonders for brightening up or enlivening a room in your home, or even all of it.

In this post, I am going to investigate color planning and give you some ideas about the various aspects of color planning that professional interior designers might take into account.

As an industry insider I understand that most professional interior designers are looking to create a specific mood through their color combinations, using traditional color theory to make a room exactly what you want it to be.

To do this, there are three things that designers will take into account.

To begin with, there is the desired mood itself.

Do you want a room that is vibrant and lively or are you looking for a restful, peaceful space? This is of course a matter of personal choice or preference and no two people would necessarily go in the same direction.

Next, how do you intend to use this space? To a large extent, the answer to this question is dictated by your lifestyle.

Finally, there is the structure and design of the room itself, the shape of it and the way it is lit in particular.

With these three elements in place, a professional designer would find it relatively easy to come up with an appropriate color scheme, and you can do exactly the same by following the same basic ‘rules’.

For example, a country house kitchen would lend itself to creamy pale yellows or a combination of them with deep, rich reds. These would match the mood of the room and its purpose perfectly.

On the other hand, a modern kitchen might be served best by a combination of two or perhaps even three bright, vibrant colors.

If the desired mood if of peace and tranquility, a combination of two or three ‘tropical island’ colors would work well, echoing the calm, restful feeling that you’d have lazing on a tropical beach. The green of the hills, trees and grass combined with the differing blues of the sea and the sky form a perfectly complementary ‘triad’ of shades.

Bath and spa rooms are ideal locations for these restful three-way combinations taken straight from nature.

The secret when combining bright, vivid colors is to go for contrasts and to keep a balance between the shades used.

In this respect, a professional designer might use a color wheel to combine shades from opposite sides as these will be complementary but very different.

As with everything in life, balance is the key when creating your color scheme. Many designers use a 60-30-10 combination here.

For instance, if you are decorating a kitchen, you might have the walls one color (your 60% ‘quotient’), with cabinets and fittings in another shade (30%) and accents – pictures, table linen and decorations, plants and the like – making up the final 10%.

The careful use of colors allows you to turn any space in your home into anything you want it to be. Before you get started however, it’s crucial to plan ahead to ensure that you actually know what you want.

Curtain Call Interiors in Katy is here and ready to help you choose the perfect color combinations for your home and we’ll also aid you in the design process so you can have the home you always dreamed of.  Give us a call today!



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Home office design ideas 2

A few weeks ago, I posted some thoughts and ideas about home office design. In this post, I thought that I’d take the opportunity of expanding on some of those ideas to make sure that every reader is clear on what needs to be done.

The first thing that I alluded to in that previous article is the idea that your home office is every bit as much of a professional working space as any office in a tower block that you commute to every day.

In fact, the two are exactly the same – they are places of work, and must be designed for maximum productivity and efficiency.

In this scenario, even the smallest considerations can make a huge difference.

For instance, almost everyone uses a computer in their work nowadays. Indeed, it’s the widespread and relatively cheap access to online technology that has freed up so many people to work at home.

If you use a mouse, you need the space to do so, which if you’re right handed means having a free area on your desk to the right of your keyboard or laptop. It’s a very simple requirement but a vital one.

One difference about working at home is that you set your own hours, unlike the commuter office where you might work hours set by others.

Having the freedom to work when you want can be a blessing but it can also be a curse if it’s not managed properly. By this I mean that it can be very tempting to work all hours at home, especially if you are working for yourself or if your rewards are based on performance.

This can mean far less exercise for your body and your mind.

Your body suffers because the walk around the office is exercise, whether you realize it or not. Even the walk from the car to the office stretches your legs far more than you do if you walk down the hall to your home office!

Then there is the fact that being alone at home reduces your interaction with colleagues and fellow workers. There is a lack of mental stimulation that is not always good for you.

There are two conclusions to be drawn from this.

First, it is absolutely imperative that your home office is designed for maximum comfort in terms of having a chair that you can sit in for hours without feeling tired, a desk at exactly the right height and so on.

Make sure that the room is lit in such a way that you don’t end up having to strain your eyes to see the screen. There will be times when you are working ‘after hours’, so this provison applies to both the day and the evening time.

You need adequate office style storage space because otherwise, it’s too easy to let everything pile up on your desk. If you have storage space – filing cabinets, drawers etc. – make a point of using them too!

The key here is to create a home office environment that is conducive to working effectively, efficiently and productively. In doing so, you cannot afford to cut corners or to forget that the smallest details are sometimes the most important.

At Curtain Call Interiors we have designed a multitude of office spaces and our team of expert interior designers is ready to help you tackle your home office project.  Give us a call today!

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Curtain Call Interiors – Everything For Interior Design In Katy, Tx

Curtain Call Interiors is one of the longest and most soundly established interior design operations in Katy, Tx, and the business continues to go from strength to strength.

According to Mrs. Grace Olim, the proprietor of Curtain Call Interiors, the reasons for their continued interior design success story are not difficult to recognize:

“To begin with, the fact that we’re one of the oldest established interior design companies in the Katy area gives us plenty of credibility. You don’t stay in business as long as we have if you’re not doing something right!”

“Of course, it’s an advantage that there are not too many interior designers in Katy, but I’d say that we have quite a lot of other things going for us too.”

Mrs. Olim continues: “For instance, we offer a free in-home interior design consultation service to our customers. This allows us to assess their interior design requirements ‘in situ’ so we propose solutions that are tailored to an individual situation. This has been very popular over the years.”

She continues: “Added to this is the fact that our interior design team has been together for quite some time now, and you cannot find that level of experience and design knowledge that we offer everywhere. No matter what interior design problems or queries are thrown at us, we’ve usually seen and dealt with something similar before!”

Curtain Call Interiors operate from a well-established interior design store in Katy where visitors are free to browse an extensive stock of furniture and accessories, with expert interior design staff on hand to offer advice and assistance.

On top of this, Mrs. Olim and her team maintain an extensive stock of furniture and accessory catalogues for visitors to browse and order from.

Even if they don’t have exactly what you want in stock, ordering specific interior design items – furniture, fittings or accessories – has never been easier if you are in or near the Katy area of Texas!

Mrs. Olim expands further: “In the time we’ve been offering interior design services in Katy, we’ve built up a strong base of loyal customers for which we’re eternally grateful. But we are always mindful of the fact that we have to continually justify and earn that loyalty, which is why we’re always looking for creative ways of expanding the range of interior design services that we offer.”

In the modern world, nothing ever seems to stand still for long. Even long-established businesses like Curtain Call Interiors are not immune to these shifting sands if they plan to stay ahead of the competition.

As Mrs. Olim concludes, “We offer interior design services in Katy and throughout the western part of Houston itself. Thus, our competition is not only local. This definitely keeps us on our toes”.

For anyone seeking interior design expertise and knowledge in the Katy area of Texas, Curtain Call Interiors should be your first port of call.  Curtain Call Interiors can be reached at (281) 978-6123 or by visiting their website at

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Design Ideas for the Young Man About Town

Over the years, the idea of the untidy, messy, badly taken care of bachelor pad has become something of a comedy stereotype.

While the rise of the ‘metrosexual’ male may have changed this to a degree, there was – and probably – still is an element of truth in this perceived vision of how young, unattached men are supposed to live.

There was probably an element of ‘being the rebel’ inherent in this refusal to adhere to the rules, but here’s the thing that any young, single guys reading this should take note of.

As your Mother might say, it’s not big and it’s not clever to live in a squalid pigsty, clothes all over the floor and half-putrefied food doing its level best to escape from the fridge on its own!

What is probably even more important, it’s not at all attractive for the vast majority of the young ladies that you might be keen to which is certainly not going to help your cause.

Here then are some simple, easy to action tips for a bachelor pad that will work for all interested parties!

  • You almost certainly have everything you need to live a tidier, more organized lifestyle. All you need to do is use the closets, shelves and storage units that are already available to you.
  • If some of the storage areas look tired and jaded (although how they get into this state is a mystery), think about a lick of paint or a new coat of varnish. Its fifteen minutes work but it can work wonders for the ‘look’.
  • Talking of which, there is nothing wrong with being a ‘rebel’ that wants their own look or style. However, you must realize that a pile of dirty washing in the corner of the room does not constitute a ‘style’!
  • Make the bed every morning immediately after getting out of it. Don’t put it on the ‘do it later’ list because it’ll never get done!
  • Formulate a system or process for keeping the place neat and tidy. If everything is ‘step by step’, ‘do this, then do that’, keeping your place neat and clean soon becomes second nature.

Okay, now you’ve mastered what are (for the rest of the human population of planet Earth) the most basic of basic elements of keeping home, let’s look at some design ideas that you might want to consider.

First, it’s easy to keep a place that is relatively sparsely furnished looking clean and tidy.

Don’t go for a cluttered look unless your space is so small that there is no choice.

For instance, consider just one large sofa in the living area (instead of a more traditional ‘suite’) opposite a large screen TV. A large bed plus somewhere to store your ‘stuff’ can look very effective in the bedroom, and so on.

Embellish the overall look and feel of the place with a touch of ‘drama’.

Large black and white prints on white or off-white walls can look stunningly simple and yet extremely effective for example. Adding a dash of ‘pzazz’ to the room with boldly colored soft furnishings would add to this effect.

The bottom line here is, make it easy to keep it clean and tidy by designing your bachelor space that way. By doing so, you’ll be rid if the untidy tag forever!

The team at Curtain Call Interiors understands that an interior design project may not come first in the list of priorities of the average bachelor, but if you are not the average bachelor and you want to make your pad look its best, give us a call today.

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